Residential Fencing

fence in resident area

Having a fence around your property can give you an added sense of security and tranquility. With a fence, you can have the security that strangers aren’t getting in, and that valuables aren’t getting out without you knowing about it. There are many types of fences you may need for a residential property and at Encino Fence Company we have the expertise and tools necessary to install, repair, and remove any fence to fit your needs. We are committed to doing our job until the end, whether its fencing off a small front yard or acres of your property. No job is too big or too small for us.

Privacy Fence
While Pleasanton, Tx is a small town, we understand that everyone likes their privacy. No one likes a snooper looking into your house and getting a privacy fence is the easiest way to make sure people mind their own business and aren’t snooping around your property. Our team of fencers can help you find the right fence for you that offers full coverage while adding a beautiful touch to your property. You choose the fence, and we take care of the dirty work for you from start to finish.

Livestock Fence
Many of us, including some people on our team, share our residential properties with livestock and small farms. If you are worried that some of your livestock may wander off into someone else’s property, you may consider getting a farm fence around your land to keep your livestock in and your neighbors livestock out! Click on our Contact Page to get in touch with us directly and get more information about the types of fences we have and which one is best for your needs.

Custom Fencing
While there are many fence designs and materials on the market, you may not have found just what you are looking for. And we can’t blame you, some of those designs get creative, to but it kindly. At Encino Fence Company, we like to treat our customers like friends and family. To us, that means making sure you have exactly what you need, as you like it. For that reason, we offer custom fence design as well as installation, repairs, and removal. If you have been looking for the perfect fence and haven’t found it yet, maybe today is your lucky day!

Installation, Repairs, Removal
After years of being in the business, we’ve learned that our job isn’t done when we’ve installed a fence. Our most important goal is maintaining our customers happy for years to come and that includes offering our services and helping hand years after we’ve finished installing a fence on your property. Any material begins to show the wear and tear of the elements after a while and we’re ready to work when your fence is ready for a repair. Whether you need your wooden fence painted or varnished, or need a section replaced, we can do the job for you from beginning to end.

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