Wood Fencing

fence made in wood

At Encino Fencing Company, we’ve been working with wood fences since we started our business. After years of experience with this material, there are few others so competent to give you the best service for installation, repairs and removal of wood fences. Whether you are interested in replacing your current fence or installing a new fence around your property, Encino we’re ready to lend a hand with your project. Our professional fencing team will walk you through the disadvantages and advantages of wooden fences and the styles available that best suit your budget, style, and practical needs.

Wood fences are especially good options for residential yards. Wood fences offer the right balance between a privacy fence and a decorative fence, adding the right touch of stylistic beauty to your property without sacrificing its practicality. Wooden fences are also great to keep pets inside your property and other wandering animals, like deer and fox, out. This way, you’ll be sure your plants aren’t munched on by bunnies in the evening and that your dogs don’t wander away in the night.

Weather Proofing
Outdoor fences are exposed to the elements year round. For that reason, our services include weather proofing fences to make sure they can withstand rain or shine for years to come. Wooden fences can be prone to rotting with moisture or dryness from over-exposure to the sun. Depending on the brand of fence and type of wood, some wood fences last longer than others. Our team of fencing experts can walk you through the options available on the market so you can find a wooden fence that fits your needs. We’ll make sure its weather appropriate and weather proofed.

Type of Wood
Choosing the right kind of wood for your wooden fence is an important option. At Encino Fencing Company, we’ll help you balance your budget, style, and practical needs to find the best wooden fence option for you. Some of the most popular options on the market are cedar and treated pine wood. Treated pine wood is most common for its budget prices and longevity. Cedar wood is our top of line wood fence because it requires little maintenance, it’s very durable, and contains natural insect-repelling substances. Click on our Contact Page and get in touch with us to have a personal conversation with our fencing experts. We’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each material until we find the perfect fence for you.

Removing wooden fences is no easy job, especially considering old wooden fences can sometimes rot. Our team of fencing experts has years of experience and we know how to best remove wooden fences (and rotten sections) without leaving a mess behind. Our company will also be in charge of removing your old fence so you don’t have to deal with it. If you are interested in our removal services, give us a call to schedule an appointment.

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