Iron Fencing

black fence for commercial

Our company has worked with fences for years and we have the expertise needed to guide you to the best choice of fence for you. Iron fences can be the best option if you are looking for a privacy and safety fence that is also aesthetically appealing and customizable. Iron fences are one of the luxury materials and services we provide and we are happy to talk with you directly about the advantages and disadvantages of this option according to your needs and preferences.

Decorative Fencing
Having a fence around your property can fulfill multiple uses at once. Fences serve as privacy and property markers as well as decorative additions to your home or building. Our professional team of fencers has years of experience helping customers in the Pleasanton area choose fences that add aesthetic value to their properties. An iron fence can improve the image of your home as well as its value, since they are considered a significant investment in your property. Work with our team to custom-design your iron fence!

Custom Fences
Have you been searching online for weeks for a fence that suits your style and needs, without finding one that you like? Are you tired of visiting stores in search for the fence of your dreams, and haven’t found it yet? Maybe today is your lucky day because at Encino Fencing Company, we offer custom fencing services. If you have a specific design and material in mind for your fence, give us a call. You’ll work directly with our team to create the fence of your dreams. As a small town business, we are committed to making sure our neighbors and friends are happy and feel secure and satisfied with the fence we make for you.

Commercial Fences
At Encino Fencing Company we provide iron fencing services for both residential and commercial projects. While iron fences are most popular for residential properties, they are an excellent choice for business and commercial projects as well. With an iron fence, you improve the image of any building as well as its commercial value. If you are interested, you can work directly with our team to create a custom iron fence that suits your business’s image. As a small business ourselves, we understand the importance of getting off on the right foot and will do everything in our power to improve the image of your commercial or business property.

Iron fences have many advantages. Besides being easy to custom-make and adding aesthetic value to a property, iron fences are a significantly low maintenance compared to other fencing materials like wooden fences. The durability of iron fences makes the investment well-worth it, as you will not be spending on repairs or replacement materials. In the case that you do need a small repair or polishing of your iron fence, give us a call because we provide that service, too. Our commitment to our customers is to provide a complete service, and to us, that includes everything from installation, to repairs, to removal.

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